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Cusp Emergence is excited to offer a Build-Your-Own-Workshop feature to families, groups, and communities.

1. Consider what your workshop will address, and why you need a workshop.

  • Need to learn general ways to provide social, emotional, and behavioral support?

  • Need to practice behavior management for specific behavior challenges?

  • Need to teach your family or group about managing a particular behavior challenge?

  • Need to support a student or family or community member with cognitive or developmental challenges?

  • Want to know more about how social-emotional and behavioral wellness relate to physical health?

  • Want to learn a particular technique (for example, for teaching skills or shaping language, appropriate behavior, play, or social interaction)?

    2. Think about who will participate, where you’d like the workshop, and how long your group would like the workshop to be

    3. Contact Cusp Emergence!