About Cusp Emergence

Cusp Emergence

Collaborating ~ Consulting ~ Constructing Repertoires

What We Deliver

Effective, individualized, collaborative behavior analytic services including behavioral environmental education, training, and consulting.

About Us

Cusp Emergence uses a compassionate constructional approach to facilitate new behaviors, repertoires, and interaction patterns. We collaborate with clients to engineer changes and challenges that improve the behavioral wellness of individuals, families, teams and organizations, and communities. For example, we can help families or teams improve their interaction, learn effective training techniques, establish new skills, address a new challenge together, or learn a new way of communicating. The founder of Cusp Emergence is Dr. Camille Kolu, with twenty years’ experience providing community-based individual, family and team supports. Dr. Kolu has provided early intervention and supports across the lifespan for individuals and families affected by autism or other challenges; read more about Dr. Kolu’s work here.



1 thought on “About Cusp Emergence”

  1. Elizabeth said:

    What a real gem; a multi-faceted tool that shines light in so many directions. Thank you for your generosity — this sharing of a vast and ever-growing knowledge that is so incredibly helpful!

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