TIBA (Trauma-Informed BA) articles

Read the Trauma-Informed Behavior Analysis Series: 

New blog series: Treating Trauma from a Behavior Analytic Perspective

Trauma-informed behavior analysis, Part 1: Beyond the Immediate Function

Trauma-informed behavior analysis, Part 2: Arranging a Supportive Behavioral Environment

Trauma-Informed Behavior Analysis, Part 3: Is It Ethical for Behavior Analysts to Treat “Trauma”?

Trauma-informed behavior analysis, Part 4: On Terms (Is “Trauma” Behavioral?)

Part 5 of Trauma-informed behavior analysis: 6 ways to improve your supervision of trauma-related cases

Part 6 in Trauma-Informed Behavior Analysis: Collaborating like a life depends on it

Part 7 in Trauma-informed behavior analysis: When praise doesn’t work

Part 8 in Trauma-Informed Behavior Analysis: When a label masks needs

Part 9 in Trauma-Informed Behavior Analysis: On intervention for fetal alcohol exposure

Part 10 in Trauma-Informed Behavior Analysis: A behavior analysts walks into a hospital

Part 11 in Trauma-Informed Behavior Analysis: Very early learning relates to behavior much later (see end of post for several references)

Part 12 in Trauma-Informed Behavior Analysis: What’s behavioral about treating reactive attachment disorder?

Part 13 in Trauma-Informed Behavior Analysis: A Pipeline from Special Education to Prison?

Part 14 in Trauma-Informed Behavior Analysis: Intersections with Mental Health

Related posts:

Spotlight on team role: CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)

Too risky to document risks?

Self Injury in the General Population: Will I Hurt Myself Today?

Related articles potentially helpful to behavior analysts using trauma:

Meta-analysis on NCR (Noncontingent reinforcement) related to challenging behavior by Richman et al. (2015)

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