Cusp Emergence in the Community: 2019 updates

Trainings coming to our area:

January 2019: Spoke to practitioners for the Neuropsychiatric Special Children’s Unit and the Eating Disorders unit at Children’s Hospital in Denver

February 2019: Training Virginia Association for Behavior Analysis

April 2019: Trainings for Court Appointed Special Advocates of Adams and Broomfield County

May 2019: Workshop at Association for Behavior Analysis International (45th annual convention). Register here


Trained Adams County social workers and Court Appointed Special Advocates

Conducted trainings in Canada, California and Colorado on trauma informed behavior analysis

Families training coming to Boulder: What are behavior analysts responsible to provide the clients they serve? Behavior analysts keep themselves accountable by upholding the Compliance Code. But how do families know what ethical behavior analysis looks like? How do they know when their rights are being violated? Cusp Emergence  is partnering with local agencies and families to bring a free training on ethical behavior analysis and your family’s rights to the Boulder and Broomfield area. Stay tuned or write us for more information.

Fluent Families Series: Click Fluent Families Flyer. Dr. Kolu can partner with your agency or ministry to provide free education to community members who could benefit.


In May 2017, Dr. Kolu presented her work on trauma and behavioral treatment in an invited address at the annual Association for Behavior Analysis International. She became a board member for Broomfield Early Childhood Council and an Advisor for Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, and continues to teach behavior analysis courses at UCD.

Fall 2017 included trainings at Area Cooperative Educational Services in Connecticut on trauma informed behavior analysis.

With our community partners: Cusp Emergence partners with your agency to offer supervision and ethics trainings related to trauma-informed behavior analysis using the SAFE-T model, teaching behavior analysts to expand our supervision and risk management toward safer treatment after trauma. SAFET logo with description