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School of Play ©
Our school of play division provides one-time, brief, or long-term play or leisure skill-based individualized client supports, training, and education.

WHO can benefit?
Groups: Schools, classes, churches, businesses (gyms, pediatric doctors or dentist groups, therapists)
Families: Families affected by behavioral, developmental, social, emotional, or other challenges
Individuals: Children, staff, teachers, administrators

Our clients can benefit from School of Play © services whenever:

-A child gym owner sees staff struggling to help young mothers engage their children in play, interaction, or language, and enjoy the gym activities at the same time
-A community or church member runs a play group in a church or gym, and is not sure what to do differently to support new students with autism
-A community or church play group is not sure how to support children with language delays
-A parent needs the babysitter to manage behavior more effectively when supporting the family’s children
-A parent’s child with autism doesn’t know how to play with his siblings
-A family’s two year old with autism doesn’t like to play with his parents
-A family’s or organization’s group of therapists is great at 1:1 instruction, but they need help getting children to interact with each other
-An organization’s therapists are highly skilled at discrete teaching, but provide less effective naturalistic teaching

WHY does it work?
Cusp Emergence provides play and leisure skill support that is:
-Compatible with IFSP or IEP goals
-In some cases, able to be funded by a state’s early intervention services if the client qualifies
able to improve family or team interaction
-supportive of social, emotional, or behavioral wellness
-provided in the community or home setting
-consistent with research proven methods with demonstrated effectiveness
-administered by qualified, educated, trainers with extensive experience collaborating with parents, educators, therapists and community members

HOW can clients benefit?
-Learn to arrange environments to make appropriate effective language and communication more likely
-Learn to arrange environments to support play
-Learn to teach staff, babysitters, community, or family members to provide supportive environments
-Learn to arrange environments that prevent behavior challenges
-Receive support from our School of Play division in your group or home

HOW does it work?
-An initial consultation takes place to discuss the family’s or group’s needs
-Next, a workshop or future education is planned based on individual needs
-Follow up support is available for families or groups on a schedule determined together with the client

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