Free CuspEmergence resources for teachers, therapists, and more!

Buffers and Barriers resources (see article

SAFER Autism Checklist: “When my behavior changes, my team members agree to look first at whether I am suddenly in an unsafe environment or exposed to someone who is unsafe, or if I am hurting because of something hidden that I may be struggling to communicate.“

Flowchart to help start conversations about buffers and barriers

Using information about “The other Big 4” (e.g., trauma related response patterns) to get ideas for solving behavior problems in teams

Below, checklist for planning to provide safety-related information:

Literature reviews/ lists (always being updated)

Teacher resources

Client At Glance (I often use this to provide a colorful one page version of a behavior plan with a datasheet or definitions on the back for teachers)

Resource_prompting strategies

Resource_Big functions

Resource_Building rapport

Resource_Arranging classroom resource

Resource_Example Checklist_Team readiness for ABA in the classroom

Resource_orienting statements for sundowning or supporting students

4 thoughts on “Resources”

  1. Malia Vassilakos said:

    This is fantastic Resources

  2. draginpowell said:

    This is just fantastic. I absolutely love the client – at – a – glance. Before I work hard and probably fail in making my own, do you happen to have a blank template you could share? Thank you for your amazing work in our field!

  3. Lee Schuster said:

    During a presentation it was mentioned that there was a TIBA FBA template? I have looked everywhere is this embedded in the site somewhere for download and print out? Thanks for all you and your team do for the field

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